FLUIDTECNIK designs and manufactures integral linear motion solutions. Specialized in the field of pneumatic, industrial hydraulics and linear control using electric actuators.

We base our philosophy on a constant improvement of our products and services, in order to offer our client the solution that best suits their needs.

The experience of more than twenty years developing products for special and custom linear movement applications, offering high quality technical solutions, has allowed us to establish a trust bond to face possible challenges and be of great help in the present and in the approach of future projects of our clients.

We have a wide range of special pneumatic cylinders, customized hydraulic cylinders, special cylinders, electric actuators, special rotary joints, low friction cylinders, pneumatic and hydraulic elements. We perform installations hydraulic groups installations and complete pneumatic frames.

We have a great team in the realization of each project (technical office, manufacturing, assembly, quality control).

FLUIDTECNIK is the flexible integral solution in linear motion (pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical) that your project requires.

Empresa Fluidtecnik - cilindros hidráulicos, neumáticos y actuadores lineales eléctricos.

                      • • •  •  •    •      •        Engineering



Our team advises you and designs the best option according to your needs in movement through hydraulics, pneumatics and electricity.

Our team is ready to help you with any questions or technical queries. We will provide you with assistance and guidance to choose the most suitable products for your application.

                      • • •  •  •    •      •        Manufacturing


With last generation CNC machines we manufacture the pieces with the best quality.

                      • • •  •  •    •      •        Assembly


We perform all the assembly in situ thanks to a team of professionals.

                      • • •  •  •    •      •        Testing


We submit all products without exception to a bank of specific tests and quality control according to each product.